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    Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ready to pump out the breast, ovarian and non-small-cell lung cancer Intermediates used for chemotherapy. Other uses of our Intermediates include diarrhea and obstructive jaundice. We make injected, oral, and novel drug administration method meds.

    To ensure safety, all of our intermediates are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 ISO 22000:2015, and OSHA 18001:2015 certified.

    Best of all, our contract manufacturing facilities produce formulations in almost all dosage forms, packaged so that they meet your countries’ regulations and shipped from Hong Kong.

    Our Intermediates are used for:

    We have three worldwide patents for the improved and non-infringing route anticancer drugs Gemcitabine HCl, Docetaxel anhydrous, and Capecitabine.

    Why Us?

    In short, we get the meds to where they need to be, whether that’s in the Middle East or Africa. But it’s not just our ability to deliver the drags that places us above the rest, our R&D is unbeatable. We engineer and manufacture these anti-cancer Intermediates: 

    Docetaxel Gemcitabine
    Hydrochloride Capecitabine
    Paclitaxel Irinotecan
    Hydrochloride Topotecan
    Hydrochloride Imatinib
    Mesylate Gefitinib

    Projects in the field