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    Rx Equality

    Contract Manufacturing

    Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ready to make hard or soft gelatin capsules, dry or liquid syrups, dry or liquid injectables, prefilled syringes, large volume parenteral, eye or ear drops, nutraceuticals, dermatological, hormonal, and herbal cosmeceutical products. Novel Drug Delivery Systems not withstanding, our contract manufacturing facilities produce formulations in almost all dosage forms, packaged so that they meet your country’s regulations and shipped from Hong Kong.

    For those who worry about the future of the planet, our facilities ethically pump out green meds.

    After all, is said and done, we bring you fast development and the means to scale up. In fact, our facilities chug along to manufacture:

    Why Us?

    In short, we get the meds to where they need to be, whether that’s in the Middle East or Africa. But it’s not just our ability to deliver the drugs that places us above the rest, our R&D is unbeatable. We engineer and manufacture: 

    Allopathic meds
    Ayurvedic meds
    Anti-malarial meds
    Mufti-Therapeutic Lozenges
    Oncology meds
    HIV meds
    Codeine-Based Cough Syrups

    Projects in the field