Synthetic R&D

Developed a direct method for preparing Quinine Hydrochloride from cinchona bark. Developed methods for extractions of other alkaloids (Quinidine, Quinidine Sulphate, and Cinchonine) from cinchona bark. Patent protection for inventions arising out of R&D activities:

Analytical R&D

Rupus Global Limited invested in an Analytical Development Laboratory, strengthening our R&D capabilities. Due to this, we now have been working with:

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Current Projects

Initiated work on New Chemical Entities (NCE) 

Commencing research in new anti-cancer entities to subsequently invest in biological activities of these NCEs 

We are also working on a range of API development, comprising drugs addressing cancer, hypertension, malaria, veterinary and HIV-related ailments

Our current research comprises anti-malarial, anti-HIV, anticancer, anti-infection, antacids, and veterinary drugs with an anti-malarial and anti-cancer drug discovery emphasis

On-going R&D Initiatives

Synthesis and process development of the drug Bromexine Hydrochloride which is used to treat respiratory disorders (Has improved the yield from 52.17% to 22%) 

Synthesis and process development of anti-malarial drug Artemether 

Synthesis and process development of the drug Oxcarbazepine which is primarily used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, and mood disorders 

Synthesis and development of the anti-malarial drug Lumefantrine 

Synthesis and development of the anti-HIV drug Stavudine 

Synthesis of NCEs based on sugar scaffolds and biocompatible metal ions bearing anti-proliferating activities.

Proposed R&D initiatives

The anti-cancer drug Imatinib Mesylate and its intermediates

The anti-malarial drug Artesunate

The anti-malarial drug Dihydroartemisinin

The anti-malarial drug Primaquine

The anti-hypertensive drug Losartan

Albendazole, which is used to treat a variety of worm infestations