We’ve widened our portfolio by acquiring Apexs API production of Aids/HIV, Diabetes, Ace Inhibitors, and CNS. In the future, we’ll focus on the lifestyle and the value of drugs.


We will continue to focus on growth through capacity expansion. Soon, we’ll set up a new block in existing facilities to manufacture APIs and Intermediate APIs.

Tender Business

We plan to bid for Tenders from various Indian Government Agencies to supply generic medicines. This segment is driven by volume, and so, this will significantly increase our top line. Through the acquisition of Prophyla Biological, we have gained over 3 decades of experience in the tender-based business.  

New Products and Geographies

Soon, we’ll launch APIs for various therapeutic segments including HIV, Cardiovascular, and CNS. We plan to enter large regulated markets including the US, Europe, and Japan.

Get Meds Made

We leap into hard-to-reach places, find and meet unmet needs.